Early Injury Notification

Employers can save money by avoiding penalties and additional costs associated with delayed claims notification.

In NSW, excess penalties are charged if an injury is reported to the claims agent outside five days of injury notification. The claims excess payment is equivalent to one week of the injured worker’s wages and this is an unnecessary added cost to employers.

If there is a possibility that an injury may result in any medical treatment or time of work, notification to the claims agent is paramount. Early notification can reduce claims costs as it allows the injured worker to access treatment and injury management support, which yields a quicker recovery time frame, prompt return to work and less impact to businesses in terms of financial, productivity and employee efficacy.

Accordingly, early notification can facilitate employee confidence in the workplace, both by injured employees and colleagues witnessing the incident to identify workplace hazards and implement corrective actions to promote a safe work environment. The overall affect is employee advocacy and greater confidence in the work environment, employer and the organisation.