Jacqueline’s Blog of the Day – Recover from Injury at Work

The longer I work in rehabilitation and claims management, I realise the importance of communicating the message that to stay at work following injury is better for your health.

I see people that stay at work feel productive, have a sense of achievement and maintain interaction with others, all these factors build their self worth.

Long periods away from work can lead to feelings of worthlessness, despair, anxiety, weight gain and depression. I see this every day in my work with injured workers at WCD. This puts pressure on people and their families.

Having good self esteem assists us all to deal with the demands of everyday living.

Health benefits for remaining at work:

  • Better self esteem
  • Feeling of self worth
  • Social interaction with colleagues and friends
  • Feeling of belonging
  • Better relationships with family
  • Physical activity
  • Promotes faster recovery.

So reward yourself, stay happy, healthy and try to recover from injury with guidance and support at work.

Jacqueline Byrne

Senior Consultant,  WCD Workers’ Compensation Solutions