Blog from Vanessa Rowley – GM, WCD Workers’ Compensation Solutions

WCDRecently I renewed my house and contents insurance policy. I was surprised that having a dog allowed me to get a $200 discount on my policy. A simple update of my insurance policy details and a phone call was all it took. Great return on investment for five minutes of my time.

It got me thinking that workers’ compensation insurance for organisations is also based on an accurate assessment of risk. If your policy details are incorrect you may be paying too much. WCD can review your industry classification and guide you through the wage declaration process. What is and isn’t to be declared? Who’s a contractor? Should I be grouped? Can I get a split rate? What if I acquire or divest a business? Is it time you reviewed your policy?

Craig Simpson is one of the best at solving all the dilemmas around premium concerns, email him and he will help you out.