Ageing Workforce Changes Workers’ Compensation Trends

Sourced: CBS St Louis, 24th June 2013

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ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – America’s ageing workforce brings with it some valuable experience but it also comes with concerns over increased workplace injuries.

Tony Palumbo with the St. Louis office of the Lockton Company says trends in workers’ compensation claims show baby boomers, those over age 50, are costing their companies some big bucks for minor injuries.

“Strains, sprains, and repetitive motion claims – those claims that result such as carpal tunnel or other similar claims that result from doing the same type of activity with the same body part over and over again,” he said. “Although they have fewer claims, those claims that they do have in workers’ compensation are costing companies more money.”

Palumbo’s company offers ageing workforce safety strategies to better protect employers and their workers. Suggestions include assessing job duties, flexible schedules and a wellness program for older workers focused on strength and flexibility.

You might call it “baby boomer-proofing” the workplace.

“Looking at the tasks and the jobs that they’re doing, specifically in a manufacturing setting, determining if there is a better way to do the jobs functions that they’re performing from an ergonomics or engineering standpoint that still allows them to complete the task as well as do it in a much safer manner that is both good for the employee and good for the business,” Palumbo explained.