4 Essentials of Strength-Based Leadership

This is a great article on Strength-Based Leadership.  This underpins our Activetics approach to mature age initiatives at the worksite.  We are achieving exceptional results for both employers and employees.    Below is a snapshot of the article.

Source: Socialmedia Today 04/09/2013

It is in human nature to look for negative in everything first. Most of the stories on the news are negative (after all, they draw the most attention). There are more negative words in our vocabulary than positive and happy words. When something doesn’t go the way we think it should, our mind immediately jumps to negative thoughts and gloomy assumptions.

It is also in human nature to fix things. We love finding problems so that we could solve them and gaps so that we could fill them. Not only we use this approach with the projects we work on, but we also use this approach in evaluating our employees. After all, it feels natural, it feels right.

And that’s where we go wrong! This approach is the reason we cannot build strong and diverse teams. This approach is the reason we are not utilizing human potential to its fullest. This approach is the reason we have more mediocre managers than we have true leaders. And at the end of the day, all that impacts our culture and ultimately our bottom line.

The simple truth is that if we stop trying to “fix” our employees and rather focus on their strengths and their passions, we can create a fervent army of brand evangelists who, when empowered, could take our brand and our products to a whole new level.

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