Comcare July News Update

Now is the time to start considering how your business or organisation might respond to any opportunity that might arise out of changes to Comcare.

The Safety, Rehabilitation and Compensation Legislation Amendment Bill 2014 is currently before the Senate Education and Employment Legislation Committee, which received 17 submissions and held public hearings on 20 June 2014. The majority of submissions were received from Unions, which expressed concerns over the administration of Comcare, in particular its ability to enforce Work Health Safety. The committee is due to report back on the 8th of July after which we hope to have a clearer picture of the likely final form of the legislation. 

At that point the legislation will still need to pass the House of Representatives before moving to the Senate, the make-up of which changes on 30 June, so how smooth or otherwise its passage through that house will be is difficult to gauge at this time. 

Being prepared for an opportunity means evaluating whether Comcare could deliver a cultural and financial benefit to your organisation and an analysis of the gap between your current procedures and systems and what is required to successfully apply for a Comcare self-insurance licence.

WCD Workers’ Compensation Solutions has a team of consultants that can assist you with understanding Comcare better and help you analyse and plan the next steps for your organisation. Should you have any queries please contact either your WCD consultant or Craig Simpson on (02) 8745 2000.