SA Return to Work 2014 Bill Released

Some of the key changes in South Australia’s Return to Work Bill 2014 include the following:

The eligibility definition has changed to employment being a significant contributing cause of injury

Income maintenance at 0 – 52 weeks is 100%; at 53 – 104 weeks – 80%

Medical benefits are available for 12 months following income maintenance cessation

104 weeks plus for seriously injured (WPI > 30%) – 80%

Common law is available subject to strict criteria

Dispute resolution has been moved to the South Australian Employment Tribunal

The WorkCover Ombudsman will cease to exist and move to the State Ombudsman

Secondary injury claim costs will be premium impacting

No statutory industry rate cap

Reduction of premium rate from 2.75% to 1.5% – 2.0%

If you have any questions regarding the changes and how this can impact your premium or operations, please contact our WCD team in South Australia on 08 8229 6000.

The Bill can be viewed and downloaded from the Office of Parliamentary Counsel website via the links below:

Return to Work Bill 2014