NSW Changes Script – A RTW Focus

WorkCover NSW has a plan before it that will result in the biggest change to workers’ compensation premiums in a generation.

The reason for this change is to focus employers on what they can influence, which is suitable duties and return to work options.

As we understand it, some of the finer details are still to being determined, and much activity will occur following the recent state election. However we understand that there will be RTW Incentives for individual claims which can have a significant benefit to employers.

This change reinforces the need for employers to ensure there is early intervention, support from supervisors and options for RTW. These are all things that WCD has been championing for many years, so philosophically we support the intent of the change.

To our minds the following actions will be paramount in achieving the best outcomes out of the new system:

  • Early reporting (both by the employee and employer)
  • Triage
  • Early contact with worker and Doctor
  • Suitable Duties register to make it easier for the Doctor to RTW
  • Supportive Supervision
  • Case Conferencing

These are already best practice activities, but now their importance will be heightened.

WCD has the people and the systems to help employers navigate their way through changes and obtain the best outcomes for their injured workers and their business. We would welcome the opportunity to come and meet with you to discuss your individual circumstances. Call us: 02 9745 2000

Read the WorkCover NSW Media Release here.