Baby Boomers are Taking on Ageism – and Losing. Washington Post Article.

fine-wineThe culture that has developed around employing older workers and the history behind the development of ageist attitudes in the USA is commented on more frequently these days; I think there are clear parallels occurring here in Australia. This article provides some excellent insight into the challenges for older people needing to work and their experience as they try to maintain employment or enter the workforce.

For his part, Dale Kleber thinks he’s a better hire than he was 20 years ago, when he was in the middle of raising kids and climbing the corporate ladder. He’s had time to keep up on professional reading and stay in better shape. “I think the stereotypes [about older workers] are a little misleading, because the reverse might be true,” Kleber says. “I’ve got a good 15 years in me at least.”


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