Construction Industry Leaders – what keeps them up at night ….

I once worked with a risk management professional who told me a story about what kept CEO’s awake at night, he spoke of business risk and people’s innate capacity to do unexpected things at work that compromised their safety. At the time I never thought that assisting older workers and their employers with their productivity challenges, would even make the list. Here I am in 2017, reading that my area of work now rates as second on the ‘insomnia list for construction executives’; number one being geopolitical instability.
According to research by Willis Tower Watson, involving 350 mid level executives, their second major concern was around workforce management issues (an ageing demographic).

The increasing requirement for digital skills, a global employee network and disparate labour laws,

means workforce demands are becoming ever more complex. Combined with ageing

populations, the need to attract talent is likely to have the longest term impact on the

industry, according to the report.


Jon Hetherington, Industry Leader – Major Projects, Construction, Australasia, at Willis

Towers Watson, said: “Our data shows that the biggest challenges to the success of

construction companies are heavily influenced by political stability and human resources.

Risk management strategies will need to be continually re-examined to meet these

challenges and must remain a top boardroom priority for construction companies to

protect themselves from emerging risks and to build competitive advantage.”

REF: Willis Tower Watson, 2017, Accessed April. Inavigator Website.