Often during the life course of employment, when an injury or incident occurs to interupt our time at work it will either be resolved within a fairly reasonable timeframe or we may find ourselves bouncing from one type of financial ‘top up’ or support to another. Without good advice and coordination, this can become a very difficult process for both injured people and their employers.

WCD practitioners have experience in managing all aspects of injury and assisting people to get on with work and life. We manage situations related to chronic illness of employees, superannuation, public liability injuries and life insurance claims, long term absenteeism and mental health in the workplace.

Commencing in 1999, WCD practitioners have set up systems and processes for the management of injuries for some of Australia’s most diverse businesses, across Australia. Our professional services reflect the needs of our clients;

  • Managing physical and psychological injuries with all stakeholders; Return to work services. Supporting senior management  and HR in managing complex medical situations for people
  • Development of Wellness and Support Programmes
  • Ergonomics in the Workplace
  • Transition to Retirement Programmes and Ageing Workforce Management
  • Manager and Supervisor Training in Workforce Management
  • Financial Literacy for Employees
  • Development of Policies and Procedures for the management of compensable and non compensable injuries related to superannuation, life Insurance Management, Workers’ Compensation, Long Term Absenteeism

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