WCD professionals are specialists in Absence Management. For over 17 years we have assisted companies in the management of absence, whether it be through chronic illness, disengaged workers, psychological issues, incidents of aggression in the workplace or through physical injury.

Patterns of absence often predate a costly insurance claim. It is our experience at WCD that often employees will indicate that they had physical, social or psychological issues prior to claims being lodged and often a pattern of absences can be discovered in retrospect.

Often by the time WCD receives these referrals, supervisors and managers are struggling to cope with what they often term an ‘unreliable employee’. Managers get stuck and find it difficult to remain supportive over long periods of time when they have operational needs to meet.

WCD are specialists in collaboration to ensure absences can be managed effectively. We have set up several systems for organisation where absences can be triaged effectively by professionals so they do not become chronic business issues. We support, mentor and train supervisors and managers in the process.

It is important to set up formal management systems so:

  • Organisations know they are doing the right thing by their people
  • Organisations can meet their ‘Duty of Care’
  • The costs associated with long term claims are mitigated

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