WCD are specialists in developing programmes and strategies for the management of an ageing workforce; addressing challenges of productivity, preparing well for retirement and financial literacy.

The over 45 age group represents 72% of current labour market growth at present. As our demographic profile in Australia changes, the numbers of older workers in organisations and departments will increase over the next few years.

All of us change physically as we age and the tasks we perform need to be adapted to suit our capability so that we remain productive and engaged at work. It is not uncommon for some older workers to become disengaged in their employment and this is an issue that needs to be addressed in order to benefit both employee and employer. In acknowledging the needs of an older workforce, organisations can remain healthy and realize the financial benefits.

WCD is committed to Active Ageing and the ‘Health Benefits of Good Work’.

To find out more, please email Kristine: kgatt@wcd.net.au