WCD has managed injured workers for many large and small Australian organisations, caring for employees with both compensable and non-compensable injuries. There are great benefits for organisations and individuals when the right care is made available to people with illnesses and injuries that are not work related.

This sends a strong message to employees that the organisation values them, especially when they observe a colleague being treated well at difficult times of life.

WCD provides services to ensure injured or ill workers are managed well and provided with the correct supports and information to enable them to return to work and maintain their productivity. The ability to provide this well, returns immeasurable benefit to the workforce and the community. We know the Health Benefits of Good Work.

For individuals it can extend their life, reduce depression and give them purpose and a sense of value as they remain connected with their work colleagues and peers. For organisations it assists with productivity, reduces uncertainty with the knowledge that a plan is in place and can boost moral, engagement and their brand reputation. When organisations are seen to be doing the right thing, they benefit from increased community and consumer support. WCD manages all aspects of the required paperwork and programmes for employees.

For further information email us at: admin@wcd.net.au or call 02 8745 2000