WCD’s EmployeeCARE team are qualified professionals, experienced at managing all types of barriers that prevent people from returning back to work when they have become incapacitated, whether because of illness or injury. We have experienced that people can move from workers’ compensation into income protection support, then claim on their life insurance and superannuation. Others struggle with chronic illness, claiming against their personal or work related policies.

Our professionals staff come from a variety of backgrounds, forming a multidisciplinary team of people that are available to assist; from Human Resources, Employee Relations, Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists, Nurses, Exercise Physiologists, Business Analysts, Claims Managers and Psychologists.

WCD can assist people to prepare to either return to work or seek other employment options, depending on their desires and life circumstances. This is very detailed work, with many considerations that have to be factored in and often communicated.

Human Resources and payroll personnel, call upon WCD to assist with the paperwork required to manage these circumstances, to ensure people are paid correctly and receive their entitlements. In some circumstances multiple insurance covers can be accessed simultaneously.

WCD’s specialty is the care and return to work of people. Given that many of us will expect to remain in the workforce well beyond our 60’s this work is very important to get right.