WCD practitioners assist organisations address the concerns of stress and mental health for their workers. Our practitioners have experience in managing psychological injury and assisting people address their wellness concerns and return to work and their activities outside of the workplace.

Our Services:

WCD has a ‘coaching line’ which our customers utilise as a support and advisory line. When activated this is an effective injury management initiative. Managers often report that having an employee suffering mental illness can be a distressing and time consuming event for them. WCD supports the affected employee and their immediate supervisor.

Training and Awareness:  

Consultation and Needs/Data Analysis

Development and Delivery of Training and Interactive Workshops

Follow up Services

Strategic Planning Services:

Consultation and Audits

Financial Analysis

Wellbeing Analysis

Utilisation of Available Community Resources:

Often people don’t know where to turn to for support or what is the best support tfor them. WCD practitioners can provide this guidance as there are excellent resources available in Australia.

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