There are many ways to go about establishing an effective system of injury prevention in an organisation. Getting this right can prevent workers from suffering and can enable cost savings and productivity enhancements to be directed towards other business initiatives. Employees who are supported are less likely to end up on the insurance treadmill, feeling isolated.

WCD’s services for organisations to prevent injuries are both strategic and operational, and if implemented well, can progress the Health Benefits of Good Work.

Our Services:

  1. Absenteeism Management – patterns of absence can act as an ‘SOS’ to management, enabling them to address issues which the employee may not feel they can come forward and ask for assistance about.
  2. Triaging Services – WCD have provided first point of contact response services for many organisations since 1999. Being able to support and advise workers and their managers on what to do when initial assistance is required and what resources are available to call upon, can save a lot of time and distress later on. People are less likely to end up with long term claims and suffering loss of employment as a result.
  3. Work Health and Safety Services – WCD write systems to enhance safety in organisations and change the culture from adversary to collaborative. Personal loss through injury or illness is minimised. WCD professionals provide WHS design, policy writing, training, auditing/investigations and can manage all aspects of compliance and resourcing requirements.
  4. Training Services to educate all employees are essential, especially at a time when we are all concerned about the rising incidence of mental illness in the workforce and the need to provide preventative services that can often start in the workplace. Training services can incorporate due diligence requirements, needs analysis and core competence training. Often our cutomers ask for tailored training solutions specific to their needs.
  5. Ergonomic Advice for organisations is a key component to injury prevention whether it be as a part of good intial design or assisting to improve upon the existing work environment. It can be as simple as adjusting workstations or as complex as designing new workplaces and implementing more effective methods of operation.
  6. Safe Contractor Management – WCD assists organisations select contractors, engage them, provide the systems for monitoring their work, audit their compliance and review all required documentation.
  7. Wellness Advisory Services – WCD practitioners have backgrounds in Allied Health and we have designed award ainning wellness solutions for our customers over the past two decades. We have specific programmes available for mature workers, women at work, financial wellness, life mentoring and knowledge transfer. Our reverse mentoring consultancy is very popular.

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