WCD has provided the return to work services for many companies in Australia since 1998. We suggest that WCD become the extension of your management team and promote our email or fax line as the reporting mechanism for all injury reports and claims.

Our experienced staff can guide injured workers and management through the process when a claim is lodged and alert required management personnel when a claim is presented.

WCD teams drive results and outcomes, they do not just shuffle paperwork.

We allocate a WCD professional to look after your injured workers, supervised by our Team Leader. We get to know your company, the key risks, duties, communication styles and the claims agent team.

The role of the claims and injury management professional is to be the single point of contact for your company and to coordinate all communication.

Other Services from WCD

WCD can assist with a review of your Workers’ Compensation; examining costs, return to work, compliance and the day to day demands such as payments and reconciliations. We provide recommendations for improvement.

Our other services include:  Safety Audits, Claims Audits, System Development, Premium checks, Conciliation Representation and Workforce Management for Mature Workers.

Many organisations are delighted with the time and financial savings we have delivered.

Claims and Return to Work Assistance for Businesses

WCD Workers’ Compensation Solutions works with businesses to reduce the paperwork and time required to manage return to work and claims so businesses can focus on their products and services.

Geoff Dixon and the team from WCD, have been instrumental in helping us transforminjury management and workers compensation performance.Big business professionalism and expertise with Small Business attention to delighting the customer.We are delighted that we made the move to WCD…

Phil Rybinski

GM Safety, Environment and Quality

Delaware North Companies Aust/NZ


“2012 SA Service Provider of the Year”