Early Intervention and Sound Planning Helps Everyone

When an injury occurs, whether workers’ compensation related or not, it is what happens initially in the support and planning phase that has been proven to determine the longevity of a difficult situation.

Organisations engage WCD to be the point of contact for managers and injured workers to guide everyone though the initial stages of care and set a plan of support and the expected return to productive employment.

  • WCD works with organisations to ensure their readiness for when injuries occur
  • We tailor early intervention process and procedures so they are clear to everyone
  • WCD will be available to the injured worker throughout the process
  • WCD will review the severity of the injury, collect all related information and develop a plan with the injured worker, HR and the line manager/supervisor

Medical Triage

WCD will utilise all available information; communicate to all parties the capacity for work and the return to work timeframes. Our people are very experienced in this work.

Claims Management Triage

WCD ensures all claims information is collected and provided, the claim is graded and investigations expedited. WCD ensures that all parties are involved in the decision making process.

Monthly Monitoring

Injury and claims management needs to be reviewed to ensure best practice methods are implemented.

In order to monitor this WCD will:

  • Complete analytics of the claims performance report.
  • Hold a monthly conversation with the employer.
  • Provide further claims strategy advice to all parties when needed.


Phone:  02 9875 2000