An understanding of WHS obligations is vital to ensuring legislative compliance and promoting a culture whereby the health, safety and well-being of people at the workplace is effectively managed and maintained.

At WCD we develop training programs through an analysis of your training needs with consideration given toward legislative and organisational WHS Management System requirements by applying the skills and knowledge of our professional consultants to ensure your organisational needs are identified and communicated.

The skills of the WCD team are diverse with strong WHS project experience across a broad range of industry sectors. Our team are able to provide local training customised to include your organisational processes and procedures or provide standard courses from which customised elements may be created, such as:

  • Due diligence training for Officers
  • Manual Handling Training
  • Risk Management Training
  • Incident Investigation Training
  • General Safety Training

WCD training courses are designed to provide a clear understanding of legislative requirements as well as deliver practical advice to assist with the implementation of WHS into daily work practices to ensure workforce competence across critical risk areas and train business leaders so they can better demonstrate process safety leadership.