Managing Director

Robert has been involved in the risk and insurance industry for over 20 years. During this period he has held a variety of senior management roles with occupational medical centre networks, risk management consulting organisations as well as being a foundation Director of WCD.

In these roles he has had specific exposure to national, regional as well as global business practices and how they can be applied to the commercial benefit of organisations in minimising their risk potential, thus lowering the overall cost of risk as represented in both direct premium as well as indirect cost terms. He is a regular presenter at industry forums to address how organisations can improve their performance in workers’ compensation through the use of appropriate strategic planning and management systems.

Robert’s role in WCD is to provide overall direction to the company, as well as to direct the administrative as well as business development functions. He provides a mentoring role to selected clients who are committed to process improvement which includes organisational restructure, culture change and the use of accountability and responsibility mechanisms to deliver sustainable outcomes in this business area. He is also a Director of RiskTech – a risk management consulting company, as well as an Advisory Board member of the WestHill Foundation – a leadership development entity.

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