Geoff Dixon and the team from WCD, have been instrumental in helping us transform our injury management and workers’ compensation performance.  Big business professionalism and expertise with Small Business attention to delighting the customer.  We are delighted that we made the move to WCD… 

Phil Rybinski

GM Safety, Environment and Quality

Delaware North Companies Aust/NZ

Bouquet 1

I have been under the care of (a WCD Injury Manager) since February this year, hello!

I just wanted to write you a quick email to say how impressed I was with (the WCD Injury Manager) in all of our dealings over the past year in relation to my anterior dislocated shoulder injury.

Over the past year I have certainly been through some trials and tribulations which has been eased by the support, encouragement and advice from (the WCD Injury Manager).

There have been very dark times when pain and suffering were too much but hearing (the WCD Injury Manager’s) voice and her reasoning certainly has made a difference in what has been the worst year of my life!

I greatly believe that (the WCD Injury Manager) will excel in her new role and hope that she continues to do great work in helping others and that she finds enjoyment and reward in helping those at need.  I think she has found her niche in life.
I will certainly miss our weekly conversations and hope that you can please pass on my thanks to her.  She very kindly called me last night (of which I was delighted) so we managed to say some farewells which was fantastic.
I am sure that you too will miss having her around.

Bouquet 2

Your case manager worked alongside (the insurer) to get the best results for the claims, we worked as a team. Her patience to understand and learn the WA legislation for better understanding, she asked questions and explained her thoughts behind her decisions and wanted to give 100% to her role helped with us getting great outcomes.

The case manager has always presented herself as someone you can ask for help, She took the time to work through issues that would arise and took pride in the changes that we did within (the business). Personally (she) became a friend through this business relationship and has given me a greater respect in working alongside with WCD.

I take this opportunity to thank (her) for all the hard work and attention to making the (business) account a pleasure to work on.

Bouquet 3

I take this opportunity to thank (WCD’s manager) for ensuring transparency and her great enthusiasm towards the tasks and helping the wider Queensland team during her assignment.