Because Workers’ Compensation impacts on your entire business structure, we believe it makes sense to look at various issues in the context of the overall picture of the organisation as well as the range of services available.

At WCD we offer an additional and unique value-add mentoring service to your Executives and Senior Management. One of our experienced Directors is assigned to your account. He or she is available as a sounding board and wise advisor regarding any high-level strategies and best options beyond the basics that you may need to be put in place in various commercial scenarios.

As an example: your organisation may be going through or approaching the process of a take-over or major restructuring. Your WCD assigned mentor will discuss with you the likely implications regarding specific issues such as Health and Safety, Workers’ Compensation, Injury Management and Retrenchment. We will then offer strategic advice on Business Management initiatives which will positively influence the impact of Workers’ Compensation on your business practices and financial performance.