It is vital to keep track of how your Workers’ Compensation strategy is performing in relation to cost and efficiency. Without regular assessment things can easily get out of control. This can be done through periodic external reviews of the various elements driving workers’ compensation. These reviews can be driven from a corporate governance perspective, or from commercial pressures, and supplied at any given point in time.

WCD works with Industry Associations and Third Party Stakeholders providing high level assessments of industry wide issues and recommending remedial strategies  which can be bought to bear to alter fundamental outcomes for the benefit of all participants.

Our profiling work provides a clear statement of how your organisation currently resides in its conduct of this issue and allows for future overall analysis of the organisation.

WCD’s analytical report provides:

  • Employers with a simple report, highlighting their areas of excellence, as well as identifying areas that require further improvement / development to reduce risk.
  •  Insurers / Claims Agents with an insight into the systems and initiatives taken by an Employer to minimise and control Workers’ Compensation risks.