Complex Claims Advice

Do you feel some of your claims are “stuck” or have other complicated factors involved which is preventing a resolution? Are you unsure what to do next?

WCD offer independent guidance in dealing with complex claims and will advise an Employer of their rights and obligations within the relevant State or Federal legislation.

Contact one of WCD’s Senior Consultants to obtain assistance in developing a strategy which will assist in moving these claims to a point of resolution.

Claim Reviews

It is critical that an Employer meets with their Insurer regularly to discuss current claims and develop action plans. Failure to do this will result in the Employer losing control of a claim and thus not fully understanding what actions the Insurer is taking to protect the Employer’s interests in returning the injured employee to work.

WCD has a sound working knowledge of claims management practices and will help you prepare for claim review meetings and attend the meetings with your personnel to facilitate such things as:

  • Claims management negotiations
  • Implementation of effective action plans on individual claims
  • Negotiation of claims estimates