Rehabilitation and Return to Work Initiatives

Employers who enjoy “good” performance in this area control claim costs by having responsive rehabilitation and injury management models in place.

WCD review your current systems, practices and attitudes and identify where improvements can be made in effective return to work of claimants. This can often involve some specific initiatives combining an ongoing improvement plan within the company utilising “specialist providers” not otherwise retained by the organisation.

Rehabilitation v Termination

As an Employer it is your responsibility to provide appropriate suitable return to work programmes for injured employees. There are, however, some instances where the severity of the employee’s injuries either precludes their return to normal duties, or extensive periods of rehabilitation are required to facilitate any form of permanent return to work.

WCD has an invaluable tool that directly compares the cost to the business of retaining an employee on selected duties who may not be 100% effective, against the cost of termination. It may not be of any financial advantage to your organisation to terminate an employee. In some instances termination may even be a financial disincentive.