Procedure Manuals, Guidelines & Handbooks

The creation of work practice guidelines needs to be appropriately documented and enforced regularly as an element of education and training. WCD are able to either create, amend or proof read such documents to ensure they are reflective of statutory obligations, industry best practice and the organisations own standards and culture.

WCD can assist in creating rollout programmes for these documents to be effectively ‘launched’ within the organisation.

Workers’ Compensation and Injury Management Procedures Manual

Many organisations may have good operating systems in respect of their workers’ compensation and injury management but there is often little reference material within the Employer network to allow a replacement to successfully continue claims management.

The WCD Workers’ Compensation & Injury Management Procedures Manual defines the individual processes established within your organisation. It also contains information relating to legislation, its practical application and the working of the legal and medical services, which are involved in each claim.